Danny Andropoli week seven nfl

Daniel Anthropoli here.

What a crazy day in the NFL. The most bizarre play was in the dolphin game. The refs said they could not determine who had gotten the fumble after big Ben fumbled the ball, which they called wrong from the beginning. How do they know whom gets other fumbles. By going through the pile like they have done for the past hundred years. Because they called original fumble wrong, they did not continue with proper action by seeing that recovered fumble. What if dolphins miss playoffs by one game and there coach gets fired. Who is going to get him a job? The refs? Other crazy games. The refs got a call right in pack game giving them a justified win. Big surprises of the day. You guessed it. Browns over saints. A lot of people in suicide pools where not very happy on that one. Lol How about those raiders. Scoring 59 in win over broncos. No illegal helmet hits to talk about. I guess flag football is officially here. I will be back tomorrow to talk about World Series. Have good day.

Danny Andropoli


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