Danny andropoli

Judge Kaplan should be assumed of himself

Obamas policy of having terrorist tried in civilian court forgot one key element.
Judges that take the side of the terrorist. What kind of message is being sent to future terrorist when a judge does not allow a crucial witness to testify in the Ghailani trial?
This come down to a slap in the wrist for someone involved in the murders of over a hundred people. I wish judge Kaplan can be put in front of family members who lost loved ones and explain his actions. This man was a close friend and bodyguard of Bin laden. I would also like to hear why the jurors came up with there decision. I am hoping our president is having second thoughts on his views of war criminals having civilian trials. But before he does this he has to realize that terrorism is a war crime not a regular street crime like rape or armed robbery. Another policy of his off to a ravishing start.

Danny Andropoli
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Staten island ny 10314


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