Danny Andropoli against ilegal guns

Danny Andropoli here.

For the past week all I have read in the paper is people being shot by illegal guns in the hands of felons in the process of committing a felony. In queens a bodega owner was killed during a robbery at the same site where his brother was killed in 1999. In NYC a man was killed in the back of a diner by an illegal colt 38 or 45. In Brooklyn a thug with a rap sheet as long as the day walked into a barbershop and tried to rob the place. Luckily a cop was getting her hair done and prevented the fiasco. The police need to step up there cause on illegal handguns. Guns in the hands of felons have to stop. The past week has had stories from all the boroughs regarding gun violence. The police have to stop this at the root. They have to get to the source of where all these guns are coming from and stop it dead in its tracks before law-abiding citizens like me and you become a grim statistic.

Danny Andropoli


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